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White Space Database Solution

White Space Database Solution Overview

iconectiv’s White Space Database solution enables you to get the best of two worlds: Access to spectrum with superior coverage capabilities, and interference free operation, enabling high quality and cost-effective wireless broadband access for a wide range of applications. iconectiv is a FCC certified White Space database administrator, and is a leader in implementing commercial database solutions for communications service providers and regulators worldwide.

The White Space Database solution supports new efficient wireless rural broadband services, M2M, and other services by taking advantage of unused television channels known as “white space” or “TV white space” following the move from analog broadcast television to digital.

The use of white space spectrum is closely regulated to avoid interference, and the database solution provides a list of available channels that devices can use for dynamic spectrum access, based on their location and surrounding users.

What is White Space Database Solution?

The White Space Database solution calculates protection contours to ensure interference free operation using terrain and propagation data according to regulator rules.

When a white space device wants to use the unlicensed spectrum, it must first register with the White Space Database, report its location, and then query for available frequency channels. The White Space Database authenticates the device and provides it with a list of available channels based on its location, the power of the device, and the current interference level from neighboring users. The device makes a new query every 24 hours, or whenever it is moved, to obtain an updated list of available channels.

In the U.S., the iconectiv (formerly Telcordia) TV Bands White Space Database is certified to calculate contours in accordance with FCC-designated rules and provide a list of appropriate channels that white spaces devices can use based on their location. Our database also interfaces with other FCC certified TV bands databases to ensure industry-wide information consistency. Additionally, it is able to register other FCC-protected devices, such as wireless microphones, to prevent interference for all protected incumbent services. Use the tab above to access the U.S. database.

Key features include:

  • Interference free operation with Dynamic Spectrum Access. Enables cost-effective wireless broadband access using free and unlicensed TV White Space spectrum with superior coverage.
  • Non-line-of-sight technology. Improves coverage and enables use in areas where other technologies are not effective.
  • Interfaces with other TV bands databases in operation. Minimize interference and ensure industry-wide information consistency.
    White Space Database

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Why Partner with iconectiv?

Consider iconectiv's White Space Database solution if you want:

  • An industry-leading solution from a vendor that is authorized by the FCC as a TV Bands Database Administrator (Telcordia is now iconectiv).
  • A trusted and reliable White Space database solution from the worldwide leader in telecom clearinghouse database solutions in more than a dozen countries.
  • A global go-to-market partner for White Space device manufacturers. Benefit from iconectiv's deep international spectrum expertise that includes providing support to 40 regulators and 25 wireless network operators all over the world.

iconectiv US TV White Space Database

On Monday March 26, 2012, the FCC announced that Telcordia (now iconectiv) is authorized to provide TV Bands White Space Database Administration. The iconectiv US TV White Space Database (TVWS) site is the primary portal to the public for interaction with the Database.

View US Channel Availability

Use the channel availability calculator/contour visualization tool to see the channels available for white space devices at a geo-location or to view protected entity contours on a map or view the details of the entities provided protection.

View US Channel Availability
View U.S. channel availability

Register an FCC protected entity

Use the registration site to register for protection from white space device interference on a channel or channels as permitted by the FCC rules at a geo-location.

Register an FCC protected entity Register an FCC protected entity


  • If you are a White Space Device manufacturer, wireless service provider, regulator, or enterprise looking to implement a solution that includes white space in the U.S. or around the world Contact us.
  • iconectiv is a member of the TV Bands White Space Database Group. We have implemented the DB-DB Interface specification agreed by that group. To test that interface with us please Contact us.
  • iconectiv is a member of the Whitespace Alliance (WSA). We authored the WSAConnect TM Device-DB Interface specification which is derived from the IETF Protocol to Access White Spaces (PAWS) Standard.
  • The iconectiv US TV White Space Database site supports the following browsers: Chrome 15+, Firefox 6+, and Internet Explorer 9. Use of other browsers is not supported.
  • Usage of the site is subject to the site Terms of Use.